Saturday, June 20, 2009

Farmer's Market and CSA and cherries from my now sold home!

It was another great day at the St George Farmer's Market. My CSA, Cricket Song Farm, gave me another HUGE amount of produce. I am going to get it washed and ready for cooking this afternoon. I always wash the lettuces, get them chopped, and store them in a zip lock bag, ready to make a salad.
Here is a picture of some of the cherries I picked from a cherry tree at my Mapleton home just before going to sign the title over to the new owners. I left them plenty to pick. I have never had this cherry tree produce this many cherries in the 15 years I lived in the home! They are very delicious!
I need to check on the apricots in the next couple of days and start processing them (bottling them or making some jam). What did you get at your farmer's market, garden or CSA?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomatoes growing well in the Topsy Turvy

I know it's been a month since I last posted on my blog....yea, it has been crazy busy for me. Plus, I was in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a couple of weeks. So, I thought you'd all be interested in how my tomato plants in the topsy turvys are doing. The plants are really thriving. I have them hanging from the limbs of the apricot tree in the side yard. They get the perfect amount of afternoon sunlight.

I was so excited to find the first cherry tomato ripening! I think I'll pick it tomorrow morning and pop it in my mouth and eat it! I water the plants every morning after I've fed the dogs. The box directions say that you can't over water the plants.

And look at this crop of apricots in the tree where the tomatoes are hanging! My friend, Char, and I might just bottle some of these golden beauties! Of course, if they taste really sweet, there may not be enough for bottling! Apricot jam is a good possibility, too!

I hope that you are enjoying some delicious produce from your garden or farmer's market.

CSA produce for June 13, 2009

It was another wonderful CSA for the week. I feel so spoiled getting so many great produce items. In the picture above, you'll notice a bag of pecans in the shell, cabbage, green onions, beets with the greens attached, carrots, 2 bags of lettuces, bag of spinach, bag of chard, broccoli, herbs and salad dressing. Not picture is my dozen farm fresh eggs. I bought the sunflower sprouts from Lea's Micro Garden. I'm addicted to them!

My CSA, Cricket Song Farm is great. Jill is the farmer, along with her family. She will trade other farmers for items. Today I got some Italian dressing from Jill. She traded with another one of the people at the St. George Farmer's Market. I love trying out the new items. Last week, Jill had given me some homemade soap, made using oatmeal and goats milk. I have it at my kitchen sink where I wash my hands a lot. It is great.
I spent several hours washing, spinning dry, chopping up and cooking some of the vegetables. I cooked the spinach for a recipe I made today (Lasagna Rolls), which I will post later. It was delicious!