Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tomatoes growing well in the Topsy Turvy

I know it's been a month since I last posted on my blog....yea, it has been crazy busy for me. Plus, I was in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for a couple of weeks. So, I thought you'd all be interested in how my tomato plants in the topsy turvys are doing. The plants are really thriving. I have them hanging from the limbs of the apricot tree in the side yard. They get the perfect amount of afternoon sunlight.

I was so excited to find the first cherry tomato ripening! I think I'll pick it tomorrow morning and pop it in my mouth and eat it! I water the plants every morning after I've fed the dogs. The box directions say that you can't over water the plants.

And look at this crop of apricots in the tree where the tomatoes are hanging! My friend, Char, and I might just bottle some of these golden beauties! Of course, if they taste really sweet, there may not be enough for bottling! Apricot jam is a good possibility, too!

I hope that you are enjoying some delicious produce from your garden or farmer's market.


Wendy S said...

It amazes me how much earlier Utah gardens are from Massachusetts this year! Me and my neighbors' plants are just tiny so far! I can't wait for tomatoes! They are my favorite! What kind of tomatoes are you growing? We have lots of "better boy" tomatoes this year (my favorite kind so far).

Trish said...

Those tomatoes and apricots are looking good!
I'm so jealous of your travels! Sounds like so much fun.

Glenda said...

I'm not sure on the varieties...I just get what I know works here in Utah. The cherry tomatoes are probably sweet 100's. The two other plants (I have 2 plants growing in one but wasn't smart enough to do that in the first one I planted)are maybe Early Girl and a variety with letters and numbers that is good for Utah growers.