Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pug loves tomatoes, too!

Here is my little patch of garden happiness! The two lemon cucumber plants are going crazy. I put my vintage garden gate behind the planter and the plants have almost completely covered it! Off to the right I have pots of heirloom tomatoes, green onions and herbs.

This morning, I decided that it was time to pick the tomato that was nearly perfectly ripe. I have been checking the cucumber plant daily, only to find 1" cukes. Well, hello! Today look what I found. That little lemon cuke took me by surprise! EXCITING!

Everything was WONDERFUL! I had taken the dogs for an early morning walk up the canyon, I picked a tomato, leaving another behind so I could pick it tomorrow. I found and picked a lemon cucumber. LIFE IS GOOD! Enter, our fun dog, PUG ......

Can you see that he is looking guilty???!!! FYI, they already had their first meal of the day. Pug is on weight control dog food to keep his boyish figure. Well, below, note the tomato that I left on the vine. Waiting for another day of 104* weather to get it to full ripeness. Yep, I was going to pick it tomorrow. Just ONE.MORE.DAY! I went in to put my cuke and tomato on the counter in the house. As I went back outside, who do I see chomping on a tomato??? Yea, you know the answer...hmmmmppp!

Here is a picture of Luigi, smelling the borage and nasturtiums. He isn't food motivated like PUG, just an Italian Greyhound, enjoying a good smell!

At least I have a cucumber and more on the way...

And I have a tomato, and some more green ones *going to find something to keep Pug out of them today*.
If any of your produce is missing from you garden, better keep an eye on your dog!

Awwww, he's just a little guy after all. Guess I'll forgive him, after I put up some chicken wire!

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