Friday, August 5, 2011

Bizzybee: A Provident Living Retreat

Rachelle, my blogger friend at Pantry Eats, is involved with this sure-to-be-fantastic retreat all about provident living topics. You can check out the website at .
The event is taking place in Enoch, Utah, which is outside of Cedar City.

One of the classes offered is Chickens 101. When we lived in Utah County, Utah, I did raise chickens for their eggs. Loved that experience! I'm not sure what my CC&R's say about having chickens, but I'd sure like to have a few. Nothing like fresh eggs. There are some pretty cool chicken hutches out there in blogland. I'm sure that this would be a fun class.

Home Cheesemaking is the class that I'm most interested in. I have mastered yogurt making, so making cheese seems like the logical next step. This class gives you the experience of making mozzarella from start to finish. Fresh mozzarella cheese is one of my food addictions, really it is! Nothing better than a portabello mushroom burger with fresh mozzarella melted on it. YUM!

Anyway, other classes such as Keeping a Family Cow (something my mother-in-law did for years), Pressure Canning, Soapmaking, Beekeeping, etc. are available.

You can register for the class on their website here.

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Grant said...

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