Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farmer's Market Report October 11, 2008

What a wonderful farmer's market today! It was very cool, mid 50's this morning (cold front coming through the state today) and the vendors all were wearing their northface fleece jackets and beanies, lol! I kept procrastinating my trip out today, so ended up with about 15 minutes to check everything out. These vendors do pack up right at noon, if not a little bit before. There was a great crowd out today though.

As you can see (click on picture to make it bigger), I bought lettuce greens, cherry tomatoes, a small lemon cucumber, peaches, beets with greens still attached, 2 good sized spaghetti squash and some artisan raw cheese. Below is a picture of all of the cheeses they (Finney Farm Home Dairy) offer.

I purchased some basil pesto...uuummmm...yummy, and some feta. I am usually not a huge proponent of raw milk or cheese, but this was really delicious.

Here is a picture (below) of the middle of ancestor square, where the farmer's market is held. The growers are around the grass area on the sidewalks selling their produce/homemade items. Everyone was nearly packed up to go home, but during the market time, there is usually someone there playing some type of music.

The St. George Farmer's Market only goes until November and I am going to enjoy as many more of my Saturday mornings there that I can. Did you go to your farmer's market today? Please comment and put a link to your post.

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