Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breakfast and Lunch using Food Storage

Using your food storage for meals really shouldn't stress you out. I know that a common complaint from people about using food storage is that they don't know how to use what they store. I thought I'd take you through my day today and show you what our meals have been and what came from "storage". I regularly use items from both my 3 month and 1 year food storage.

Below is breakfast. We happen to love oatmeal. I store oat groats instead of oatmeal. As detailed in a previous post, I have a Marga flaker, and I use this to roll out my groats into flakes. I roll enough for the week, then store it in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator. Oat groats take up half of the space as oatmeal. This is important for me now that I am in a smaller home without a basement. I made oatmeal on the stove, added a few raisins and milk before serving. I also used the hot cocoa mix from the cannery and served hot cocoa. Throw in a banana, and you have a breakfast of about 450 calories. This is nice on a cold morning.

For lunch, I made wraps. I had tortillas in the freezer. I had purchased them on sale and they are the kind you "cook" before using. By the way, I love my cast iron griddle, it belonged to my now deceased grandmother. I think of her every time I use it. It is so well seasoned from years of use.

After cooking the tortilla, I added a little shredded cheese, canned chicken that I heated with bbq sauce. I then topped this with sunflower sprouts.

Next, put a healthy amount (I use about 3/4 c. per serving) of lettuces...I used iceberg and green leaf lettuce. You can use a little ranch dressing to hold the lettuce in.

Here you have a very delicious taco/wrap/whatever you want to call it! My sons love these. They are filling without being fattening.

Food storage items used so far today:

  • oat groats

  • raisins (3 month storage)

  • hot cocoa mix

  • canned chicken (3 month storage)

  • tortillas from freezer (3 month storage)

See, wasn't that painless! I will post dinner's meal after I make it tonight. If I had sprouted my own sprouts, I would have considered that a part of my storage also.


Heidi said...

What are oat groats and where do you get them?

desertdiva said...

heidi, oat groats are the oat grain before it is rolled into oat flakes (oatmeal). It looks like a wheat kernel. Go to my post in October on the Marga flaker. I buy oat groats from www.honeyvillegrain.com they ship anywhere in the US, but if you live in Northern Utah, you can go pick up your order and save $.

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