Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farmer's Market Report

Today was the last day of farmer's market this year in St. George. I am really going to miss it. Sigh! Most of the produce vendors are gone, and there were a lot of craft sellers there today. I immediately went hunting for Lea's Micro Market, because I get my sunflower sprouts from her. If I remember correctly, her farm is in Veyo. Anyway, she has terrific greens and sprouts.

Today she had bags of bok choy, greens, sprouts and she had bunches of turnips.

She gave me a taste of the white turnips, and all I could say is "I'll take some!". They are really delicious. I'll use the turnip greens in a recipe also. I also bought a bag of greens and a container of sunflower sprouts (LOVE THESE...yummers!)

From another vendor, I bought some cilantro in a pot. I am tired of paying such a high price for cilantro. I am going to put the pot in my kitchen window, and for $4, I will get a lot more cilantro for the money.
I will use the turnips tomorrow for Sunday dinner, and maybe the greens. Check back on Monday, when I will post about how I prepared them!

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